For a quick tour if you are familiar with another deep learning toolkit please fast forward to CNTK 200.

  1. Classify cancer using simulated data (Logistic Regression)
    CNTK 101: Logistic Regression with NumPy
  2. Classify cancer using simulated data (Feed Forward, FFN)
    CNTK 102: Feed Forward network with NumPy
  3. Recognize hand written digits (OCR) with MNIST data
    CNTK 103 Part A: MNIST data preparation, Part B: Multi-class logistic regression classifier Part C: Multi-layer perceptron classifier Part D: Convolutional neural network classifier
  4. Learn how to predict the stock market
    CNTK 104: Time Series basics with finance data
  5. Compress (using autoencoder) hand written digits from MNIST data with no human input (unsupervised learning, FFN)
    CNTK 105 Part A: MNIST data preparation, Part B: Feed Forward autoencoder
  6. Forecasting using data from an IOT device
    CNTK 106: LSTM based forecasting - Part A: with simulated data, Part B: with real IOT data
  7. Quick tour for those familiar with other deep learning toolkits
    CNTK 200: Guided Tour
  8. Recognize objects in images from CIFAR-10 data (Convolutional Network, CNN)
    CNTK 201 Part A: CIFAR data preparation, Part B: VGG and ResNet classifiers
  9. Infer meaning from text snippets using LSTMs and word embeddings
    CNTK 202: Language understanding
  10. Train a computer to perform tasks optimally (e.g., win games) in a simulated environment
    CNTK 203: Reinforcement learning basics with OpenAI Gym data
  11. Translate text from one domain (grapheme) to other (phoneme)
    CNTK 204: Sequence to sequence basics with CMU pronouncing dictionary
  12. Teach a computer to paint like Picasso or van Gogh
    CNTK 205: Artistic Style Transfer
  13. Produce realistic data (MNIST images) with no human input (unsupervised learning)
    CNTK 206 Part A: MNIST data preparation, Part B: Basic Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), Part B: Deep Convolutional GAN
  14. Training with Sampled Softmax
    CNTK 207: Training with Sampled Softmax
  15. Recognize flowers and animals in natural scene images using deep transfer learning
    CNTK 301: Deep transfer learning with pre-trained ResNet model

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